Your boat is always with you wherever you are.

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Annual excluding taxes
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The only subscription you need

Monitor your boat with remotely with a single subscription plan.

Continuous Remote Access

Continuous Remote Access

Stay connected with an integrated sim card. Wherever you are.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Instantly get notified with mobile app notifications, and automated phone calls.

Data History

Data History

Battery status, location, alarms, and other historical data provide a quick and effective overview of your boat's condition and safety.

Automated Calls

Automated Calls

Receive automated phone calls in case of an alarm.

Multiple Users

Multiple Users

Share access to your captain, staff and family with no additional costs.

Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Know what you pay with no surprise costs. Understand your charges upfront for a seamless, worry-free experience.

Integrated global sim

Stay connected, wherever you are.

Do not deal roaming and carriers thanks to integrated global coverage sim.

Integrated SIM

200 Countries

No additional costs

Vanemar - World


Can I cancel my Vanemar Connect subscription at any time?

Yes, you can easily cancel your Vanemar Connect subscription at any time directly through the Vanemar mobile app.

Do I need a Vanemar Connect subscription to monitor my boat?

Without a Vanemar Connect subscription, you can only use Bluetooth for local viewing when you're on the boat. For remote monitoring and instant alerts, a subscription is necessary.

I already have internet on my boat, can I use it for remote monitoring?

No, Vanemar Connect requires its own connection for reliable and secure remote monitoring. Your boat's existing internet connection cannot be used for this purpose.

Can I use my own SIM card for remote monitoring?

No. Our system includes an integrated global SIM that is specially configured for the service, and it only operates with this SIM. Using a personal SIM card is not compatible with our system.

Are there roaming charges if I travel to another country with my boat?

There are no additional roaming fees with Vanemar Connect within our coverage area. Rest assured, the system seamlessly adapts to different regions without incurring extra charges. Please note that outside our coverage area, the system will not connect, ensuring you don't face unexpected fees.

How do I know if my area is covered by Vanemar Connect?

Vanemar Connect operates in over 190 countries, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, partnering with more than 500 operators. For specific inquiries about coverage in your area, please contact our support team at