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Water Sensor

Water Sensor

Detects high water in bilges.

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Vanemar Water Sensor is a simple yet effective solution for detecting water on your boat, whether it's in the bilge, kitchen, or bathroom.

- Detects Water
Alerts with Siren
Warns when its Battery Gets Low

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Guard Your Boat Against High Water Risks

Get immediate alerts for high bilge water levels.

Install in Seconds: Quick and Reliable Bilge Protection

With its wireless design, the Vanemar Bilge Water Sensor can be set up in just a few seconds, offering rapid and dependable safety in high water situations.

Technical Specs
Working Voltage
DC3V (2 x AAA batteries)
Standby Current
Alarm Current
ZigBee Ad-Hoc networking
Working Enviroment
-10°C ~ +50°C
Working Humidity
Detector Size
76 x 36.6 x 16.5 mm
Sensor Size
28.3 x 26.5 x 12.2 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Vanemar Water Sensor detect high water in the bilge?

The Vanemar Water Sensor is equipped with a sensor that triggers an alarm when it comes into contact with water. It's specifically designed to detect high water levels in the bilge, ensuring timely alerts.

Where should I install the Vanemar Water Sensor on my boat?

Mount the sensor at the high water level in your boat's bilge. Use the marine-grade adhesive tape included in the package to ensure a secure and effective installation. This placement ensures the sensor is in the optimal position to detect high water accurately.

Can I install the Vanemar Water Sensor myself?

Absolutely, the Vanemar Water Sensor is designed for self-installation. Simply attach it at the high water level in your boat's bilge using the included marine-grade adhesive tape. It's straightforward and requires no special tools, making it perfect for DIY setup.

What maintenance does the Vanemar Water Sensor require?

The Vanemar Water Sensor is low-maintenance. Its battery can last up to 3 years, and when the battery level is low, you'll receive an early warning through the mobile app. Replacing the battery is a simple process that you can easily do yourself, ensuring continued reliable performance.

Can I use multiple Vanemar Water Sensors on each bilge of my boat?

Yes, you can. The Vanemar system allows you to add up to 20 wireless sensors in total, so you can easily install a Vanemar Water Sensor in each bilge compartment of your boat for comprehensive monitoring.