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Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Detects freezing, overheat and high humidity.

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This is a Vanemar Temperature & Humidity Sensor with an extra low power wireless network of Vanemar Gateway technology design. It can perceive freeze, overheat and high humidity and keeps data history.

- Low battery reminder


  • Vanemar Gateway (Main Hub) ile birlikte çalışır
  • Uzaktan izleme, anlık bildirimler ve otomatik telefon aramaları Vanemar Connect aboneliğini gerektirir. Ayrıca satılır ve aylık 15.99€ maliyeti vardır.
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Monitor Climate Onboard with Ease

Experience temperature and humidity monitoring on your boat with the Vanemar app. Intuitively designed for easy understanding and quick access to vital environmental data

Technical Specs
Working Voltage
DC3V (CR2450 battery)
Wireless Networking Distance
≤100 m (in the open area) ≤328 feet
Working Environment
-10°C ~ +50°C / -14°F ~ +122°F
Working Humidity
Outline Dimension
60x60x20.8mm / 2.36x2.36x0.82inches
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Vanemar Temperature & Humidity Sensor work?

The sensor accurately measures the temperature and humidity inside your boat. It wirelessly sends this data to the Vanemar Gateway, which then displays it in the app for monitoring.

Where should I place the Temperature & Humidity Sensor on my boat?

You should place the sensor in areas like cabins where climate control is important. Its self-adhesive tape makes it easy to install in optimal locations for accurate readings.

Can I install multiple Temperature & Humidity Sensors on my boat?

Yes, the Vanemar system allows for up to 20 wireless devices, so you can install multiple Temperature & Humidity Sensors across your boat for detailed climate monitoring in different areas.

Does the sensor provide historical temperature and humidity data?

Yes, you can access historical temperature and humidity data via the Vanemar app, allowing for easy tracking and analysis over time.